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Patch Notes

Every version of the Randomizer has a number of changes in them. These changes are commonly referred to as Patch Notes. This site's purpose is to serve as a central repository for all Randomizer patch notes.



  • Seed Saving (does NOT save settings like skips, etc. those need to be applied pre-loading or afterwards with manual seed generation)
  • Random Background Music (by jdflyer)



  • Removed Sketch from inventory in Kakariko Graveyard. A bug was found in 0.16 where yo ucould infinitely get an item from Ralis by showing him sketch repeatedly
  • Fixed an issue in Forest Temple where the final monkey rope would not form if you got the monkeys out of order.
Quality of Life Improvements:
  • Fixed some check logic.
  • Bo is now already in his house, ready to wrestle when it comes times to wrestle him.
  • The 30 Rupee requirement for the cliff chest in Ordon to appear has been removed
  • Fixed dungeons so you can go back in them after beating them and the dungeon is not changed
  • Hidden Skills are now progressive.
Cosmetic Options:
  • Lantern Color Modifier
    • You can now modify the RGB values for the inner and outer spheres of the Lantern light.
Added the following skips:
  • Early ToT
    • Early Temple of Time: Gives you the Sacred Grove Portal, pushes the block down in Sacred Grove, and makes the Rainbow Stairs appear outside of Temple of Time.
  • Early PoT
    • Early Palace of Twilight: When you go into the Mirror Chamber, you can enter the Palace of Twilight once you defeat the Shadow Beasts.
  • Goron Mines Flag
    • Allows you to get the Post-Goron Mines checks without beating the dungeon (Barnes' Bomb Bag, Talo Archery, etc.).
  • Open HC
    • Open Hyrule Castle: Removes the Barrier outside of Hyrule Castle once Midna's Desperate Hour has been completed.
  • Escort Skip actually skips Escort
    • The name is pretty self explanatory, if enabled, you no longer have to do Telma's Escort. The rock in Kakariko Graveyard will be gone, Barnes will sell Water Bombs, and the Zora Armor check is immediately available
  • Start with Crystal
    • As the name implies, you start with the Shadow Crystal and an extra Silver Rupee has been added to the rando pool.
Extra Special Stuff:
  • Fixed Quick Transform
    • A large amount of work was put into this. You can now use Quick Transform by simply pressing R+Y at any time. The conditions for quick transforming are as follows:
      • Quick Transform option enabled.
      • Link has to be loaded into a stage.
      • Link cannot be in a cutscene.
      • The Z Button cannot be dimmed.
      • You must have Shadow Crystal.
      • Link cannot be underwater, or in a conversation.
      • Link cannot be riding a snowboard, boar, Epona, canoe, or spinner.
      • Link cannot be holding the Ball and Chain
  • Added Time of Day Skip
    • You read that correct. Midna has obtained the ability to travel through time! Once you have the Shadow Crystal, just talk to Midna and press R+Y to change from Day to Night or vice versa. You can only do this on select stages though! The stages that you can use ToD Skip on are below:
      • Ordon Village
      • Ordon Spring
      • Ordon Ranch
      • Faron Woods
      • Death Mountain
      • Kakariko Graveyard
      • Kakariko Village
      • Zora's River
      • Zora's Domain
      • Upper Zora's River
      • Lake Hylia
      • Outside Castle Town
      • Hyrule Field
      • Sacred Grove
      • Bublin Camp
      • Gerudo Desert
      • Hidden Village
      • Fishing Pond


Added/Modified Skip Options:

  • Faron Escape made more code efficient
  • MDH Skip: Skips Midna's Desperate Hour Completely. Note:** If MDH Skip is not enabled, the Shadow Crystal will be vanilla as to prevent softlocks.
  • Skip Intro: Skips all three days of Ordon at the beginning of the game.
  • Skip Twilight: Skips all Twilights at once.
  • Boss Keysey: Players now start with all dungeon boss keys and 9 red rupees are added to the item pool.
  • The option to skip KB1 is removed. KB1 is always skipped now
  • Quick Transform: If you open the item wheel and press Z, you will transform without having to talk to Midna. (Works when people are around) THIS IS A BETA OPTION AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH. The general rule for this is "dont be dumb"
  • Over 200 Cutscenes, Midna Text Trigers, etc. have been removed to make for smoother playthrough.
  • You can now do Escort at any time, provided you at least have Bow and Boomerang. (If Escort Skip is enabled, you can do it at any time.)
  • Shop Items Consumables now give their vanilla item after being purchased.
  • Yeta and Yeto's functionality have been removed due to the implementation of custom chests
37 Chests have been added to the land of Hyrule! Their location and requirements are very similar to the vanilla spot. The chests are for the following items:
  • Ordon Shield
  • Ordon Sword
  • Fishing Rod
  • Sera's Bottle
  • Slingshot
  • Lantern
  • Zora Armor
  • Coral Earring
  • Auru's Memo
  • Ashei's Sketch
  • Renardo's Letter
  • Invoice
  • Wooden Statue
  • Ilia's Charm
  • Horse Call
  • Fishing Hole Bottle
  • Coro Key
  • Gate Keys
  • Camp Key
  • Jovani Poe
  • Shadow Crystal
  • Master Sword
  • Powered Dominion Rod
  • Light Sword
  • Ending Blow
  • Shield Attack
  • Back Slice
  • Helm Splitter
  • Mortal Draw
  • Jump Strike
  • Great Spin
  • Youth's Scent
  • Ilia's Scent
  • Poe Scent
  • Reekfish Scent
  • Medicine Scent
  • SPR Map
  • Master Sword and Shadow Crystal are now randomized! Master Sword's Model is a green rupee while the Shadow Crystal has not text.
    • Shadow Crystal gives the ability to transform at will.
    • Master Sword is required to kill Ganondorf and looks cool.
    • Hidden Skills and scents do not have text or a model and are not randomized currently. Ilia's memory sidequest items are also not randomized currently.
Other Notes:
  • I hope you like progressives because you've got more to worry about:
    • Wooden and Ordon Sword are Progressive
    • Master Sword and Light Sword are Progressive
    • Unpowered and Powered Dominion Rod are Progressive
      • Unpowered Dominion Rod give access to Temple of Time whereas Powered Dominion Rod allows you to control overworld Owl Statues.
    • If you combine Sewer Skip, Twilight Skip, and Intro Skip you can effectivly start with Open World
    • Because of Custom Chests, you can skip Ordon Wolf Night by simply walking into the village and triggering Midna's text.
    • The following checks are properly randomized and can have important items on them:
      • Fishing Hole Bottle
      • Ashei's Sketch
      • Coral Earring
      • Zora Armor
      • Auru's Memo
      • Jovani's Poe
Known Bugs:
  • Sometimes the scent chests in Hyrule Field and the Gate keys like to duplicate themselves. It doesn't hurt anything but will be patched in a later update
  • Bublin Camp key is still available vanilla even though there is a chest. This will be addressed soon.


The goal of this update was to fix a number of softlocks/issues that the randomizer currently has and to add more features to the game:
Added Skips:

  • KB1 Skip (Togglable)
    • Skips the KB1 Fight Completely
    • If not enabled, once KB1 is triggered, you are put on the Bridge Duel
  • Option to Skip Sewers added
  • Skip Kakariko Gorge Warp
    • Sets it to where the Kakariko Gorge Bridge is already warped.
  • Open Mines
    • Skip Wrestling Gor Coron and can enter the Mines (this means EMS does not require Spinner or Text Displacement to enter Mines)
  • Added Early CiTS (Toggleable)
    • If enabled, once you complete Lanayru Twilight, the Sky Cannon will be at the lake.
  • Added Early Desert (Toggleable)
    • If enabled, once you complete Lanayru Twilight, Fyer will allow you to use his cannon to go to the desert if you have the ability to transform into wolf.
  • Faron Mist Monkey Escort is now Skipped
Shop Updates:
  • Can toggle whether shops require a bottle. When enabled, you can buy shop items without a bottle.
  • You can now get the Hylian Shields (from Goron in Castle Town and Malo Mart), Hawkeye and Barnes Bomb Bag checks even if you have a Hylian Shield/Hawkeye/Bomb Bag
    • Because of this, they can have required items on them now.
Extra Settings:
  • Boss Keysey
    • Gives you the Boss Key for all dungeons by default (We tried just removing the lock but the game won't let you open the door unless you have the key.)
    • This is a hard-coded option. Once you start your game, the option will be set and cannot be changed unless you delete your save file
  • Key Shuffle
    • Dungeon Keys are shuffled within their respective dungeons. While overworld keys (Faron Gate, Coro Key, and Bublin Camp Key) are shuffled within their respective areas.
  • Gives Blue Rupees instead of useless ammo.
    • If you don't have a bow/bomb bag/bottle and get a type of refill for them, you instead will get a Blue Rupee.
  • If you get a lantern refill, but have no bottle, your oil gets refilled instead.
  • Fishing Hole Heart Piece will no longer have an important item (until we fix the check)
  • Toggling Progressive items is no longer an option.
    • All items are now progressive by default. This is to avoid confusion and potential for softlocks.
  • Changed CiTS Requirements.
    • Once you get the completed Ancient Skybook, the Sky Cannon is immediately placed at the lake and can be used.
Re-Ordered the Item Wheel
  • Allow you to have multiple scents and story items at one time.
    • You get the required scent/story item when you can use it in the current area even if you've already used it
    • Already applies to items/scents you have found.
    • When more than one scent/story item can be used in the area, you get the most advanced one you have.
    • For the scents, when outside areas with scent trails, you get the most advanced scent you have unlocked.
    • For the story items, when outside areas you can use them, you get the most advanced item you havent used yet, if you used all the items, the item slot will be empty and won't appear.
    • Horse call isnt part of the story items, but Ilia's Charm is.
  • To make the above happen, the item wheel was re-designed. So you now will have the Clawshot and the Double Clawshot on the item wheel.
  • You only have to donate 500 rupees to Charlo for the Heart Piece Check
  • Added Memo and Sketch to item pool.
    • Their source checks are made to not have any required items as they are still missable (ex: Ashei leaves Snowpeak after beating SPR)
  • Ordon Sword is now a Layer 7 item since we give you the Wooden Sword.
  • Fixed some softlock potentials:
    • Give Wooden Sword after Sewer Skip
    • Collecting Completed Skybook gives access to CiTS. This removes softlock potential from Shad #ShadTheChadIsNoMore
    • Fixed an issue where Lakebed Boss door would take a key from you.
    • Fixed an issue with grottos swapping contents after save load.
    • Yeto and Yeta are available even after you get the boss key.
    • Fixed early KB1 being possible and Bo being stuck outside his house.


Fixed an issue with Skybook progression and with going to Lanayru Twilight Early. Added toggle options to the Follwoing Skips:

  • Twilight Skip
  • MDH Skip
  • Hyrule Field Gate Unlock
  • Faron Escape
  • Goats Skip
  • MS Puzzle Skip
  • Escort Skip


This update is focused on convenience and has a number of different things to it:

  • Twilight Skip
    • When you collect a Vessel of Light, the area immediately reloads and clears the twilight of the province.
  • Wolf Skip
    • After clearing the Faron Twilight, you are given the Ending Blow. This makes the Hero's Shade not spawn and reduces the risk of soft-locks.
  • Faron Escape
    • After clearing the Faron Twilight, you are now able to leave the forest and effectively skip the Forest Temple (the game does this by setting the Faron state when you enter the area).
  • Bublin Camp State
    • The same method for the forest was implemented for the Bublin Camp, setting the state after you beat KB3 so that the chests do not de-spawn (this is triggered when you beat Arbiter's Grounds)
  • Snowpeak Ruins Doors
    • The doors in the Living Room of Snowpeak Ruins are unlocked by default. This allows for more dynamic routing and item placement.
  • Minor Logic Changes
    • Changed the logic of a couple checks to prevent softlocks
  • Progressive Items Check Inventory
    • After reloading, the game checks your inventory and gives you the appropriate progressive item.
  • Forest Temple Ooccoo Fix
    • Fixed an issue where getting Ooccoo before getting the Ooccoo check would cause it to disappear.
  • Unlocked the gates for Lanayru Province and Eldin Province. (DO NOT GO INTO LANAYRU TWILIGHT WITHOUT MASTER SWORD OR YOU WILL SOFTLOCK)


  • Fixed Poesanity to work properly (counter increases when getting soul and not when killing poe)
  • Fix heart containers not spawning properly (they now appear in dungeons again as well)
  • Fix iron boot softlock at Mayor Bo (you also don't need to talk to him after getting the chest to be able to do Goats 3 and KB1)
  • Keyshards will be added to the pool.


  • Crashes Should happen way less often.
  • Also hylian shield is now guaranteed to be before Goron Mines


  • Goron Mines Keyshards are not randomized because they break stuff.

Any updates before this are considered obsolete and can be found here.

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